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100 Movie Challenge
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How many films can you watch in one year?
This community is inspired by the 50 Book Challenge and is more ambitious than the 50 Film Challenge. I've been told by many people that I haven't seen enough movies, so I decided to set myself a 100 Movie Challenge: 100 movies in a year. Feel free to set your own goals and parameters, and feel free to post about what you're watching.

I ask for only a couple considerations:

Rule # 1: NO UNCUT SPOILERS AND NO SPOILER ICONS. There may, in fact, still be people who don't know the identity of Rosebud. If your post contains spoilers, please use an LJ-cut that says as much.

Rule # 2: Be respectful and polite.

Sit back, dim the lights, shush your noisy neighbor, dip into the popcorn, and let's watch the show!